Group Coaching

Image by luxiaji2020 from Pixabay

Group coaching can take many forms - ranging from two coachees sharing quasi-conventional sessions to action learning sets, in which many participants share experiences of recent 'actions' and 'learn' from the feedback of others.  The common thread is the role participants play in their mutual development.

The role of the coach is to facilitate the sessions so all participants extract maximum benefit.  This may require intensive guidance throughout, or the lightest of touches.  For example, in training groups for action learning sets, our aim is for them to become entirely self-managing.

In between the extremes of two person coaching and group action learning sets lies a potentially limitless range of group-based sessions.  They may be used to embed learning from workshops, support team development, to build on previous one-to-one coaching, or as a means to support a wider coaching culture development programme.

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