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Jane has a passion for people and business, particularly for helping people realise their potential in business.  She was heading up human resources at Caffe Nero when Neil asked her if she had a dream.  She said it was to run her own business.  Fired by the experience of being a dyslexic in the uncompromising educational system of her youth, she made it her mission to help others overcome the hurdles life sometimes throws down.  A few years down the line, and with a masters in Coaching and Behavioural Change in her hand, she is living that dream, and making a real difference to people's lives and to the performance of businesses.

Her specialties are helping people develop their leadership potential and helping organizations develop coaching cultures that facilitate organisational agility and transformational leadership: changing mindsets and shifting behaviours to work differently

Neil's professional background was in property investment and development.  Once a Chartered Surveyor and City fund manager, he gave up 'these childish things' to do something more meaningful: focusing on the role of values on individual and organisational decision-making.

His pioneering work on values based psychology has been supported by globally respected psychologist Prof. Shalom Schwartz and by Royal Holloway and Bournemouth Universities.  Already a published author in The Journal of Research in Personality and a respected reviewer, his aim is to change the way people think about, develop and make use of their values: a key aspect of personality that research has shown to be the prime drivers of transformational leadership, effective decision-making and personal well-being.

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Things We Can Help You With


The riddle of what makes us tick is resolved in our values.


If we don't know where we're going, we could end up anywhere.  Having a goal is great, but unless it is realizable, in line with our values, and sympathetic with those people around us, it may not help us. 


Strategies that seem to make sense and feel good often still unwind.  A challenging coach with a good grasp of business and people can help leaders fully stress-test their strategies before implementation.


Those who seek authority are too often those least suited to meeting the demands of the VUCA world.  We specialise in developing transformational leadership.

Self Improvement

This is the essence of coaching.  Often this amounts to simply getting people to get out of their own way.  Firstly, realizing why and in what ways we are our own worst enemy, and then learning how to do something about it.

Self Awareness

Without self-awareness we can't know who we are, where we are, where we need to get to, or what we have at our disposal to get us there.  Coaching helps clear the fog and see things more clearly.


Communication is the glue that holds us together and the wedge that drives us apart.  How we understand and communicate with others determines whether we collaborate productively or compete destructively.

Coaching Culture

One to one executive coaching can be a powerful aid, but when coaching skills are routinely used by everyone in an organisation, and in all their interactions, then the effects become truly transformational.

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