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Sometimes it's the cost of providing one-to-one coaching that encourages organisations to look at developing a pool of internal coaches.  For others, it is the ambition to develop the ultimate in sustainable excellence: a coaching culture.  Of the two we heartily encourage organisations to go for the second option.

Organisations may begin by dipping their toes in the water with some foundational coaching skills workshops.  These give groups of selected individuals the opportunity to learn through theory and practice how to use coaching methodology such as the GROW model effectively and routinely in their daily interactions.

As with many disciplines, excellence in executive coaching comes from a rare combination of personal aptitude, extensive training and experience.  It is rare to find enough suitably qualified people with the required qualities in organizations, let alone those with sufficient capacity to support colleagues through the training.  Far better is to use song's internal coach training to start developing a coaching culture.

For some organisations, relatively concise introductory programmes may be sufficient to seed a lasting change in culture, but for others, to properly nourish the green shoots of a coaching culture, and establish the means of sustainably developing dispersed transformational leadership, a more intensive programme is required.  The ultimate goal is to change mindsets and behaviours such that high support, high challenge interactions become 'the way things are done around here', as part of a culture in which people are empowered to self-direct and collaborate more effectively.

A full training package including ILM accredited qualifications for participants can be seen as a comprehensive solution, but, where formal qualifications are not required, we can tailor programmes to suit particular needs and resources, and still provide a very solid training in coaching practice. The recent sessions we have run comprising two two-and-a-half-hour group theory sessions followed by two 75 minute practice sessions for triads have elicited rave reviews, with participants waxing lyrical about how much the techniques have helped them inside and outside of work.

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